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Basic Electricity Channel

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A suite of short, focused video programs that explain electricity in conceptual terms, not confusing mathematical jargon. New videos added on a regular basis.

I've done narration for dozens of online training modules and video programs. I also specialize in turning PowerPoint presentations into video programs.

How do you tailor your message to your clients? I've made a career out of explaining difficult concepts in everyday language. I can translate for you!

Work Examples -

This short video program explains a complex electrical concept - in understandable terms.


Current Clients


Hosting the Basic Electricity channel on YouTube - where you can learn about electricity in simple terms!

SOS International - Edit scripts for online training courses, consult on instructional design issues.

Here's a clip I made for a Northern Michigan non-profit - and they spent way less than they were counting on for it!


Check out my YouTube Channel for the latest videos -